Who is behind Pango?

Create tools to improve production efficiency

Stéphane Lison
Tools Programmer

responsible for research, innovation, technical quality of the production

Mathieu Akita
Technical Art Director

responsible for high-level creative decisions

Nicolas Blanc
Creative Director

responsible for the successful creation and delivery of the product

Armand Besombes
Technical Director

supervise and unify the vision of an artistic production

Lise Melinand
Art Director

supervises the creative content and the financial aspects of a production

Julien Akita
CEO, Executive Producer

Who brings Pango to life ?

a pixel art work

Gaël - 7 ans

All around the world
Pango players all come from different origins. Yet all these children meet and play the same game

15 million

Happy kids already using Pango's games!

a Fimo clay creation

Maelys - 8 ans

Fan Art

a story of the wolf brothers in comics

Gemma - 11 ans

drawing of Pango the blue raccoon

Tom - 4 ans

drawing of Pango the blue raccoon

Lucas - 6 ans

drawing of Pango the blue raccoon

Elena - 5 ans