Fun and Educational games for toddlers and preschoolers!

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Games for children from 2 to 6 years old

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● Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers
● Fun and educational games
● Simple and functional apps
● Children can explore and interact on their own

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Pango Kids'Time

A dynamic app that teaches a wide variety of skills for school and life. Families all over the world use Pango as a fun learning tool. Join us!

More then 24 adventures and over 100 learning activities that are both entertaining and educational .

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About us

Games adapted to your children's age
Specially thought out and designed for small fingers, our applications are always intuitive and simple to use. The more independent the child is, the more he or she appreciates being like a grown-up!

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Learning by playing
Our applications allow you to train many skills and abilities: observe, orient yourself, be logical, concentrate, guess, dare, classify, assemble, build, explore, solve puzzles.... It is by playing that we learn best!

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No Stress
No time limit or point counter. With Pango games, children are free to play and experiment at their own pace.

two toddlers help each other to solve logic games
Baby hands playing a virtual stacking game

100% safe for Kids

Studio Pango takes many precautions to protect children's privacy online.

Ad-free and kidSAFE certified

• Internal parental control

• No collection of any personal information from children

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Coloring, cutting out, counting, drawing, join the dots, puzzles, stories to put in order...

printable fire truck coloring activities

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